Introducing Robert Esser

Rob Esser is passionate about BAC and about all forms of therapy that avoid the use of drugs. With 35 years of experience as a therapist and 10 years of experience with the use of BAC, Rob is always happy to give advice wherever and whenever requested.

Rob first used BAC himself due to a health issue and was incredibly impressed with the positive results while his clients commented on his healthy looks. His passion and interest in the use of BAC as one of his main treatment modalities increased and additionally Rob is now in close contact with Dr Michael Kiriac and his daughter Rodika Kiriac for back-up support. From his experience, Rob sees the potential of BAC products on a par with Traditional Acupuncture and Russian Scenar/Cosmodic technology.

Having passed my doctoral exams in clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam in 1978, I developed a strong interest in body/mind interaction. This naturally resulted in a passionate interest in forms of therapy that avoid the use of drugs.

I qualified in Traditional Acupuncture, 5-element style, in 1980 in the UK and enjoyed teaching at the College in Royal Leamington Spa. I have since studied further in this particular tradition and other traditional and important approaches. I am a full member of the British Acupuncture Council.

In 2003 I came across another fascinating, very comprehensive and drug free approach to health. Easier to apply than Traditional Acupuncture, the Scenar Technology was conceived by Prof Alexander Karasov in the 1970s in Russia. It reached another important phase in development when the Cosmodic Technology became fully operational some 6 years ago and Dr Karasov is aiming at an even more sophisticated approach as you read. He is an astonishing genius.

I incorporate the use of LLLt and the Russian Treatment Blanket (TMB-01) in my treatment sessions as an add-on when this seems appropriate. But being forever interested in new developments in medicine that do not require the use of drugs and that do stimulate our inherent natural healing capacities, I became really excited when I realised the capacity of the Bio-Algae Concentrates that were the brainchild of Dr Michael Kiriac, another Russian scientist of distinct stature. A particular health issue that was not addressed by either Acupuncture or Scenar responded incredibly well to BAC and my overall sense of well-being increased manyfold. Clients who saw a change requested that I ordered for them and soon Blue Dragon Essentials Ltd was born.

Of the three main approaches that I have adopted into my practice, the use of BAC is possibly the most comprehensive and certainly the most fundamental approach. Its very nature is that of food: Its composition creates a completeness in nourishment and the concentration creates a reaction in the system that is truly remarkable.

Simply put and hard to really comprehend until one sees BAC’s action in practice.

BioSuperfood, an exclusive blend of micro-algae, restores the inner genius of the body to assure optimum cellular nutrition. It sparks the bodys own revolution against ageing and declining health.
Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND researcher and inventor of Bio-Superfood

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  • Gail Phillips

    Hi Rob
    My name is Gail and i have a scenar/massage prectice in Thornton-le-dale north Yorkshire.
    Richard Cumbers will verify my credentials…. so to speak ha ha!
    I have a client who has had throat cancer & recently ovarian cancer. Shes had radiotherapy and its left much devastation of course & I’m treating her for that but ive mentioned BAC and she would like to try it so could you give me an idea of price/dosage etc please.
    Kind regards

    Gail Phillips