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Lucy the Dog, start of her story …..  (to be continued)

Problems regarding delivery caused delays, the two tubs of F3+ BP arrived in Rome one day apart from each other, even though one was send 15 days after the other in response to the first one not arriving …

“At this time, Lucy’s situation was so bad that, I felt compelled to take her to the vet and put her to sleep as she would vomit this thick saliva foam three or four times a day and was really suffering. But I felt that I had a moral obligation to you Rob, as you had been so kind and generous, that it would had been betrayal on my part not to give the F3+ a chance. This would mean enduring at least another month of suffering on Lucy’s part, so you can imagine the doubts and guilt I felt in embarking this procedure. In the end, my sense of loyalty to you prevailed and after about three weeks the symptoms began to retreat!

After the first tub of F3+ was finished I decided to take Lucy to the vet for an x-ray. It showed that the tumor is still there, identical to its dimensions of December 24. The vet was pretty surprised of this outcome, as we had parted in agreement that I would had probably taken her for euthanasia at the beginning of January 2015. He was not able to explain the reason the symptoms weren’t there anymore, but seemed to be very satisfied with the outcome. We parted in agreement that if this situation were to continue, I would bring Lucy for another x-ray after three months!

Furthermore, the vet must have been quite impressed, as yesterday I received a phone call from a lady named X (also from Rome) who told me that she had received my contact info from the vet, as her dog was not responding to metronomic chemotherapy for a lung tumor anymore and suggested she talk to me and see if she wanted to try out this alternative approach that had worked for me!

So, to make a long story short, Lucy is doing good and I have been spreading the story around.
Above all, I wish to express my immense gratitude to you Rob, for all this!”
CMP, Rome, Italy. April 2015

Athletic performance …

I must say F3’s effect on athletic performance is incredible :)

Sami, UK, Nov 2014

Family Observations

A while ago I mentioned that I would give some feedback on the use of BioSuperfood. Well, here are a few observations…
-Energy levels are definitely higher. I’ve always had a real dip in concentration and energy at around 4 pm. Not anymore, can work happily all the way through.
-I’ve noticed a more positive mood in general. That sounds rather vague but it is real, you’re not aware of it until you start to realise that you now deal with certain situations in a calmer manner. I’m not saying that you walk around half spaced-out humming a mantra. It seems that you take a more measured approach.
-Can fight off colds easier.
-The biggest impact has been on my digestive system. After experiencing a very stressful time many years ago things haven’t been right since. Now things are great, with no change in diet.

Daughters 1 and 2:
– Higher energy levels, ability to fend off bugs, weight loss is easier, (I second that!), stops craving for junk food.

Ex wife:
– Weight loss, (she can’t get over it!)
– Mentally sharper at work she’s noticed
– Note: I recommended this product to her because of pains in her legs that doctors could not diagnose. It was stopping her walking the hills and was having a major impact on her life. So I bought her some F2. After about a week she enquired whether taking F2 would give you a headache and make you feel somewhat drained. I replied that I did remember reading something about a detox process that could cause such symptoms and suggested that she should stick with it a bit longer. Anyway, a week later I asker her about the pains and she said they were completely gone and she felt great! Coincidence? Who knows. I have her permission to write this.

My partner:
She hasn’t really commented on any noticeable changes, but I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in her mood!
Hope this is helpful and thank you for continuing to supply this product.- G G, UK, Nov 2013


Pancreatic Cancer

After losing five members of my immediate family to cancer of the pancreas, a hereditary problem in my family, and having obtained successes with bio-algae concentrates in clinical research and practical applications; I intensified my research with BioSuperfood. Today, none of the remaining members of my family that have been using BSF show any trace of cancer. I am committed to my research in bio nutrition, and in sharing this extraordinary product with the world.– Michael Kiriac, PhD, N.D., Laval, Canada – January 2002

Extremely High Frequency

Meanwhile, I’ve some things to report on the algae products I’m taking. I only managing to take one each of the F-2 and F-3 twice a day. However, within a week I noticed:

  • My energy level is maintaining throughout the day instead of the usual 2pm slump I experienced in the afternoon.
  • My mood is much better and more positive; not overly so but just level. Things don’t get me down as much.
  • Because I’ve got so many other vitamins left, I tried to combine ingesting them along with the algae and promptly threw them up each time. My body just flat out rejected the other supplements after taking this algae.
  • I sleep soundly and wake up much earlier, feeling awake and refreshed.
  • I feel well-fed on this product. My body feels nourished.

There is an extremely high frequency to these products.– Marjorie Bennett, Colorado Springs, Colorado, December 2007

BAC has brought me back to health…

I have been very ill for 4 years. I was bit by a tick carrying Ehrlichia and Lyme Disease. Unknown to me at the time, the head of the tick was left in my side. Four months later, I was bitten several times by a Brown Recluse Spider. Between the two bites I got very ill, bedridden for 4 weeks and even with massive medical intervention, I almost died. For one year, I suffered with severe joint and muscle pain and headaches. I was often weak and couldn’t get comfortable in any position.

I started taking BAC and within a few weeks of starting a friend, that knew of my condition who had not seen me in a while, asked me what I was doing because she said I looked great. Well, I thought about it and realized I had been feeling better and the only change that I had made was that I had been taking BAC. I have been taking BAC for over six months now (2 capsules/day) and during times of stress I take an additional mid-day capsule. I am a true believer that BAC has brought me back to a healthy functioning person.– Robin H., 2007

My energy levels have improved no end…

This is end of my second week using F2. I am a long time qigong practitioner. My energy levels have improved no end also I am more aware of a sense of well-being. Slightly changed my diet at the same time and over the 2 weeks I have lost 5lbs. Health & happiness.– Eric W., United Kingdom, August 2007

I really feel the difference if I don’t take it for even one day!

I’ve been using BAC as part of my healthy lifestyle routine for just over two years now. I’ve had a couple of rough year – first my father passed away Dec 05 and then my husband had a major heart attack Dec 06. It’s been a very stressful time for me and BAC has helped me enormously. I really feel the difference if I don’t take it for even one day! Thank you Dr Thomas for the wealth of information. God bless both you and Dr Kiriac for this superfood. Regards.– Jacki, United Kingdom, July 2007

BSF does it!

I discovered BSF in a conference in the States 3 years ago, tried it to replace my medecine for hypo-thyroid, and in less than 3 weeks I was off my medecine.

I was feeling great using BSF (10 pills of BSF 2 and 10 of BSF 3) for only 4 months, before I dropped down to 5 pills of BSF 2 and 5 of BSF 3, and one year later I’m taking only 3 of each every day.

It took only 3 weeks to stop my medecine and since then (even going through a difficult divorce with heavy stress), I’ve been able to have full potentiel of energy, great looking skin, and feel just good. Before BSF I would have had a hard time to wake up and get up in the morning, I was ALWAYS feeling tired from morning to evening, and I was either too cold or too hot, now my thermo-regulation is well balanced.

The other amazing fact is that I was under a hight dosage of medecine for thyroid, 100mg instead of the ”normal” 50mg. When my first child was born, I decided to give her on her second winter one pill of BSF 2, one every other days, she NEVER got any cold at all, never got any flu when every others children were sick. And for myself I’ve NEVER gotten sick neither since I’m on BSF. Also I’m a vegan-vegetarian and it does influence the results a lots. I say that because my ex husband was not a vegetarian and was often coming home from work with cough, cold or flu, and he never took BSF consistently (just when he was sick), and the things is that me and the children could live in the same house and we were not getting sick!!

I love BSF and do believe it is the best product ever. In fact doctor Churney from Colorado States, at Eden Valley, invited me to a conference, and my life changed for good since then. Still today I give BSF 2 to both of my children over the cold months of Switzerland. Would you believe me if I say that my children NEVER get runny nose, and mothers arround me are always amazed. BSF does it!

Have a great day!Esther, Switzerland, September 2006

Strength in my lungs

I am writing this letter in absolute gratitude for what the product, BSF, has done for me. When I started taking BSF 2, it was because my sister, realizing the tremendous state of poor health that I was in, ordered it for me. I began taking it, one half of a tablet at a time. I saw no real response to it, and stopped taking it. Months passed before I would try again. Chris finally convinced me to start taking the product once again, and this time I made a commitment to follow through taking it. I am now up to five tablets a day.

It has been about four months, and during this period of time, I have experienced some phenomenal things. First of all, I was suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is gone. Next, I was suffering with arthritis. It is much better and I believe on it’s way out. Thirdly and most importantly, I was suffering with scared and damaged lungs from having been stricken with Staphylococcus Pneumonia in 1998 and ARDS in 2000. Both deadly infectious lung illnesses that kill most people quickly. I was on life support both times, in a coma both times, trached in my throat both times and pronounced dead both times. I was told I would be on oxygen the rest of my life. I had no wind in me, and breathing was difficult.

Today, I can tell you my lungs are on the mend. I know that since taking BSF my ability to breath and even hold my breath has more than greatly improved. I am truly on the mend. I had lungs that collapsed and filled up with blood. Doctors gave up on me. Of course, I give the credit to God, but I also credit the BSF for giving me back my strength in my lungs. The other day, I held my breath for close to one minute. Unbelievable. Thank you to all the people who ever worked on this product to bring about the wonder of it all.– J.P. Cisneros, June 2006

Tremendous difference in my energy, my mood…

I wanted to thank you again for this incredible product. I really can’t believe that I have gone this long between usages. Just the tremendous difference in my energy, my mood, my desire for food has gone way down, my desire for quality food has gone up. I think this is operating on a much more important level than just the physical. Thank you.– Glenn Streeter, Certified Medical Fitness Specialist, April, 2006

Comdemned to mononuceosis

Dear Professor, It is with some pride and enormous joy that I pass on to you the testimony of my niece, Valérie Hébert, in which she talks about herself. God knows, and her as well, that the day you were born was blessed by the celestial authorities, whomever they may be, since you are one whom they chose to do good to humanity. My niece had received a death sentence from medical authorities that had told my sister (Valérie’s mother) that they could do nothing more for her. At that point I was put in contact with you and Valérie has since received a certificate of rebirth. A thousand thanks are little for a life, but that is what expresses the joy felt from the healing of Valérie, all thanks to BioNutrition. I wish you and your loved ones long life, health, success and prosperity in this holiday season, a period of consciousness that love and harmony are our most precious possessions. Sincere thanks, Paul M. Gélinas – Counselor in corporate and financial engineering

Hi, my name is Valérie and I am 17 years old. Since August of 2002, I have attended the Trois-Rivières high school where I studied in human science. I have my driver’s license and at last I can do activities that I had to abandon under order of the doctors at St. Justine hospital. Through reading this text you will understand why I had to stop these activities.

It all began in October of 1997. I was twelve years old and I was in my first year of high school. That month I thought I had a bad flu, and I did not consult a doctor about it because I didn’t think it was something to be worried about. However, during the following months, my case worsened, I became more and more tired, dizzy, I ate very little, I was nauseated, I would shake, sweat, have headaches, my lymph nodes swelled and I was very weak.

All this continued into January of 1998, when I finally decided to consult a doctor. The diagnosis was very clear; I had mononucleosis. The doctor recommended that I rest, sleep and not go back to school before the second week of March. Following this rest period, I returned to school. The first week went by wonderfully, but the second week was difficult. I was not getting better and the virus had revived. After this second diagnosis, I went to see a hematologist in Trois-Rivières and he identified my case as severe with a platelet count at 34,000. He talked to me about cortisone treatment, or removal of my spleen. After this verdict, my mother decided to transfer my case to St. Justine Hospital.

Following my first appointment in September, I was hospitalized and took a battery of tests. For two years I went to St. Justine every fifteen days. I kept going until one day when a doctor told me that I was “a lost cause”, that my state would never improve, and that they could do nothing for me.

It was May 2000, I was fifteen years old, and I had just been condemned. I continued having checkups by my family doctor, but only because there was nothing else to do.

Then, one day my anxious uncle wanted to see my state improve, and suggested I try BioSuperfood as he had heard of its benefits. In 2001, he sent me some and I began to take it regularly. My state stabilized and improved rapidly, my immune system was reinforced and I rediscovered my energy.

Today, my health is better. Despite all I’ve been through, I have since completed high school. I did half of my first year of high school at home, all of my second year at home, my third year two days a week at school, my fourth year three days a week at school, and my fifth year four days a week at school. The BSF has succeeded in doing something that nothing else had been able to do for me.

Thank you! Always yours.Valérie Hébert, Quebec, Canada

I finally ran a marathon!

I have used BSF since 2001 and to this date BSF has continued to provide me extraordinary health benefits. I have to make an effort to remember my health issues of prior to taking BSF. I will revisit some here: At 50 yrs of age, I weighted 187lbs, compared to 147lbs at 20. I was continuously trying to loose weight; I had much lower energy compare to just a few years prior, some times leading to falling asleep at the movie or at home after a meal and a glass of wine; I was no longer able to practice active sports like running, tennis, squash, etc, due to chronic back problems resulting from a 17 yrs old injury, and for which I was having to visit chiropractors or massage therapists once or twice monthly, I was plagued with at least one annual cold or flu; I was taking 23 different supplements and wondering if it was enough, continuously researching for new ones.

Since I started taking BSF, I have dropped all 23 supplements and use only BSF; I have not been sick at all, not one bit! No cold, no flu and best, neither has my wife Linda; I have loss 35lbs without effort; On Sunday Dec. 5th, in lovely Tucson AZ, I completed my first Marathon run (26.2 miles), a goal envisioned when I was 17 yrs old; I have no more chronic back pain; A good tangible result is my skin carotenoid count of 62,000 taken with the Pharmanex bioscan laser – this high count helps explains why I have had no cold or flu.

I often tell people ”BSF is a supplement that energises the body, the brain, the mood and the spirit”. That line sums up well my personal experience with BSF. In ending, I will borrow a line from a friend; “BSF … LIFE for LIFE”-Roland, Denver, CO, December 2004