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DrsPsych BAc MBAcC M.Ista TFTalg

Introducing Robert Esser

Rob Esser is passionate about BAC and about all forms of therapy that avoid the use of drugs. With 35 years of experience as a therapist and 10 years of experience with the use of BAC, Rob is always happy to give advice wherever and whenever requested.

Rob first used BAC himself due to a health issue and was incredibly impressed with the positive results while his clients commented on his healthy looks. His passion and interest in the use of BAC as one of his main treatment modalities increased and additionally Rob is now in close contact with Dr Michael Kiriac and his daughter Rodika Kiriac for back-up support. From his experience, Rob sees the potential of BAC products on a par with Traditional Acupuncture and Russian Scenar/Cosmodic technology.
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Will our organic and home grown vegetables still nourish us?

There have been great changes over the last seventy years or so in what kind of foods we grow and where, and also in the manner in which we do that. Artificial fertilisers, pesticides and genetic engineering have raised grave concerns. Many people also feel disturbed about what is done between when the food is harvested and when a cooked meal adorns our plates. Treatments to enhance preservation of colour and appearance during transport, storage and display, manners of processing that will affect nutritional quality and the addition of artificial substances that have been tested over relatively short periods of time or in manners that have been criticised, all of these make us justifiably suspicious of the foods we eat. Many of us can testify to the debilitating effects of any of the above influences.

There are a multitude of reasons to wonder whether the quality of the food we now bring into our mouths is still sufficient to maintain a good state of health into a ripe old age. For this reason more and more of us are turning to buying organic, locally grown produce if we can. We may even have taken to growing it ourselves. And we may think that that way we are nourishing ourselves properly. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that there are unfortunately good reasons to doubt the nourishing quality of any food, home grown or not.
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